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About Woodland Hills Pilates:

Hi, I am Natalie Wittle, owner and teacher at Woodland Hills Pilates. I have been a student of pilates for 22 years, and a teacher for the last 9. I am comprehensively certified, and have experience working with all sorts of clients:  post op, chronic medical conditions, pre and post natal, and even Olympic athletes. The mind and body transformation that occurs in my clients with continued practice brings me so much joy. I love teaching pilates!

My studio is an extension of my home (figuratively and literally), and it is my wish that my students feel welcome and comfortable, and find this space peaceful and rejuvenating. 

Yelp Reviews

Julie G.

Natalie is the owner and instructor. She has extensive knowledge of our human anatomy and is able to explain what and why we are doing certain moves to help strengthen those body parts. She always gives us a higher level or modified level to everything we do so that we all benefit with her classes. No one leaves without feeling the benefit of what Pilates is here to do for us. My doctor recommended Pilates to me about 5 years ago. I love and look forward to my classes I guarantee if you come to Natalie's class you will never leave and go elsewhere. 5 stars

Karen S.

I had been taking Pilates for a few years prior to moving to the Woodland Hills area. In search of a new instructor, I tried five others before discovering Natalie and then the search was over. Natalie is attentive and warm and very patient. She will meet you at your level and help you grow from there without attitude or judgment. Additionally, Natalie will pay attention to any injuries or limitations you may have and will provide alternative positions so that you can safely continue to get a great workout and reap the benefits of Pilates. I would also add that her classes are a great fit for all , young, older, experienced and beginners.